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For protecting your drill rig, rotary head, boom joints and drill string components PPV Finland has engineered a product line of heavy duty shock absorbers.

Shock absorbers are designed for easy maintenance ensuring trouble free operations on work site every day.

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Shock Absorber

Shock Absorber


  • Three cushion construction
  • Damping on both directions
  • Easy to change wear pins for rotation
  • Available for 18", 24” and 34” hammers
  • Connections according to requirements

SA34 Specifications

Outside diameter 607 mm
Length 1398 mm
Length shoulder to shoulder 1118 mm
Weigth 1821 Kg
Connections: *
Bottom 370 mm hexagonal
Top 275 mm hexagonal

SA24 Specifications

Outside diameter 507 mm
Length 1211 mm
Length shoulder to shoulder 1001 mm
Weigth 1073 Kg
Connections: *
Bottom 275 mm hexagonal
Top 200 mm hexagonal

SA18 Specifications

Outside diameter 407 mm
Length 1048 mm
Length shoulder to shoulder 911 mm
Weigth 609 Kg
Connections: *
Bottom API 8 5/8 regular
Top API 8 5/8 regular

* Adapters according to the requirements

Shock Absorber Design