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MF34 DTH Hammer is the right tool for challenging large diameter foundation drilling. It is designed for drilling piles in complex conditions with rock layers and hard boulders including hardest bed rock.

MF34 is an excellent tool also for drilling rock sockets. Hammer can be used on drill rig or at crane operated worksites.

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DTH Hammer

DTH Hammer

Main Applications

  • Large diameter overburden drilling
  • Large diameter rock drilling
  • Vertical and horizontal drilling
  • On- and offshore foundations

MF34 Specifications

Outside diameter 750 mm
Length shoulder to shoulder 2351 mm
Weigth without bit 5807 Kg
Top head 370 mm hexagonal
Shank MF34
Techical specifications:
Minimum drill bit diameter 900 mm
Maximum drill bit diameter 1500 mm
Piston weigth 1050 Kg
Stroke 100 mm
Beats per minute 350-470 1/min
Air consumption:
5 bar 94,7 m³/min
7 bar 122,5 m³/min
9 bar 149,1 m³/min
11 bar 176,2 m³/min
DTH Hammer