Scandinavian energy company ST1 is looking for new sustainable energy alternatives and has started drilling energy wells deeper than ever before in Finland. Please read more about this great initiative from

In PPV we are proud to be part of this great initiative of harvesting pure energy from the depths of the earth! Our products were used by Sotkamon Porakaivo Oy in order to drill the starter holes and the foundation for the huge 70 meter high deep hole drilling rig.


The energy wells were started with 1016 mm casings drilled and grouted down to the bed rock. In next phase MF34 hammer together with RB870 were used to drill holes through 880 mm ring bit openings. These holes were drilled down to 42 meters depth in solid granite. Afterwards 711 mm casings were grouted into the holes with bottom plug to get the starter holes fully sealed and grouted with required 660 mm free opening.

Starter holes were drilled from a concrete slab that had 28 pieces of 219 mm casings drilled in bed rock with 4 inclined strand anchors securing its place and position. Drilling was done in less than two weeks including all grouting work!