We have great news to all deep foundation drilling companies!

PPV Finland has enabled its' customers a revolution in the productivity of foundation drilling with the world’s most powerful DTH hammer MF34.


The job site in the above picture has 150 pcs of 1,2 meter piles to be drilled as a bridge foundation in Kuala Lumpur. Each of the piles needs to have a four meter deep rock socket drilled into granite with 1.1 meter diameter. With the old Roller Barrel system it took several days to drill each of the rock sockets.

We took MF34 and RB1100 to the job site: The results were astonishing! It now takes less than one hour to drill a rock socket with MF34 DTH Hammer and RB1100 Rock Bit.

The total amount of bridges in the project is 32. With a simple math you can count the total productivity increase we are enabling to our customer with the right tools to right conditions!

MF34 was originally designed to enable casing advanced drilling in larger diameters that has ever done before: It can drill up to 1,5 meter diameter piles in overburden. Now we have also proven the capability of the tool drilling rock sockets in hard granite with big rock bits.