Finland is known for its’ lakes.
A lot of lakes means a lot of bridges.
Bridge foundations require big, rigid and reliable piles that are often drilled in challenging conditions.

In PPV Finland we design and manufacture the most reliable and environmentally friendly DTH drilling tools in the world. In challenging large diameter bridge foundations our patented Spiral Flush overburden drilling tools are the only environmentally safe and economical alternative due to its full air control capability.

Our latest project “Jännevirta-bridge” takes place in Siilinjärvi, close to Kuopio airport.
Check out the Virtual model of Jännevirta Bridge from Youtube.

24 pcs of 914 mm and 16 pcs of 813 piles are drilled 4 meters deep into the granite first passing 6-10 meters of water and 16-26 meters of over burden. Piles need to be drilled all inclined 4:1, which makes the drilling even more difficult.


The air used in the drilling is not allowed to disturb the river bed or the trestle structures used in the drilling. Spiral Flush ring bit system was the natural selection for the contractor due to its air control capability, drilling accuracy, and efficiency.


Please find the YouTube video from Jännevirta, where you can see the Spiral Flush products in full action.

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