Pipe Pilewall

Interlocked Pipe Pile Walls

Challenging ground conditions with boulders and hard rock layers have been a problem area to build temporary retaining walls and permanent wall structures. New DTH drilling techniques and tools offer an easy and fast solution to build water tight load bearing walls into complex ground layers. O-Pile walls bring huge savings in construction time with the possibility to completely eliminate temporary retaining walls.

O-Pile walls can be used as permanent structures that require high vertical and /or horizontal loads. O-Pile Walls can be used also as temporary structures in ground conditions where other solutions would be time consuming, difficult or impossible. O-Pile Walls offer high bending stiffness and, in case they can be drilled to bed rock, they can act as horizontally loaded wall that bears high vertical loads at the same time.


Interlocked Pipe Pile Roofs


Interlocked pipe pile wall technique together with horizontal drilling opens new possibilities for O-Pile wall. All urban areas have requirements to build under-the-street structures, e.g. transport tunnels and pedestrian underpasses.

Interlocked O-Piles offer a new economical way to build under the streets without cutting the traffic. O-Pile structures’ high load bearing capacities, easy and fast assembly and construction work’s small space requirements are benefits that no other method can offer.


PPV Finland provides wide range of solutions for different O-Pile wall applications. Please contact us for further information.

O-pile Product Brochure: pdf_icon_sm.png