What Is DTH?

Down the hole drilling was developed for mining and quarrying using an impact hammer in the bottom of the hole. With the Down-The-Hole hammer drilling depths could be increased as impact energy is not wasted in drill rod connections.

DTH drilling was quickly adopted to well drilling industry and finally to over burden drilling with first reamer bit inventions and later with ring bit systems making it possible to increase the casing sizes.


Overburden Drilling with DTH Hammer

DTH casing advanced drilling is today widely used in well drilling and in construction industry and in it is gaining popularity in off shore applications due to its high productivity. DTH drilling is used also in horizontal break through drilling, for integrated pipe pile walls and in anchoring - just to mention few of the common applications.

Benefits of DTH drilling

DTH drilling has several advantages compared to competing methods:

  • Hole straightness
  • Possibility to drill long holes
  • Wide size range
  • Reliable and simple
  • Works in all ground conditions from soft clay to hardest rock!

DTH Benefits